Links, plus why I should start listening to people

I’m not going to review anything right now, because the only book I can think about–one of the only things I can think about at all–is The Magicians by Lev Grossman and I’m not done with it yet. This is one of those books that I kept hearing was good, and hearing people rave about, but for some reason it just didn’t appeal to me. I don’t know if was the title, or the dull cover, or what, but any time I saw the book mentioned I had an overwhelming reaction of “Meh.”

That was really dumb. This book is awesome. So far it’s funny and smart and has magic and a boarding school and has me completely invested in and supportive of a teenage boy protagonist. (I often find teenage boys to be such a different species from me that I have trouble with stories told from their perspective.)

So while I’m off racing through The Magicians, I recommend checking out these two links.

Minimalist Posters for Your Favorite Children’s Stories are just awesome. If every wall of my apartment wasn’t already covered with cool things I found on the Internet, I would buy the Little Red Riding Hood one to put in my bedroom and creep me out.

Better Book Titles reimagines the covers of classic books with more direct titles. So The Great Gatsby is now Drink Responsibly, while Strunk and White becomes Correct Your Friends Like a Dick. Really funny.

I also just noticed tht Better Book Titles says that The Magicians should be called Harry Potter Says “Motherfucker.” If I’d known that I might have read it ages ago.