Genre of Choice:
Equal parts mystery and fantasy. I will also occasionally read nonfiction as long as it is funny.

Favorite Book:
The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
(I’m a little embarrassed to get all ‘superfan’ about this, but I honestly feel that Beagle packed layers of truths about life and humanity into this adult fairy tale.)

Comfort Books:
The Thin Man by Dashiel Hammet
A Night in Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny
(My favorite book is not my most often reread book; these are easy, fun books to take my mind off stress.)

Most Proud to Have Read Book:
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
(I was only able to read and finish it by participating in the Infinite Summer Online Reading Club, which I thought was one of the best uses of the internet ever.)

Books That I Couldn’t Finish:
Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
(I was still coming off the high of having finished Infinite Jest, and thought I would tackle another post-modern novel. I only got about one chapter in before I’d already lost track of the characters, themes and settings.)

Watership Down by Richard Adams
(Oof! I’ve started Watership Down at least four times and I cannot seem to ever get past the first few chapters. The cartoon both scared and fascinated me as a kid, but somehow the book just breaks me.)

Most Hated Book:
Nell’s Quilt by Susan Terris
(I read this book in middle school, I think, and thankfully, I’ve never since read a book I hated as much. That damn Nell is the most miserable person I think I’ve ever read about, and I read Wuthering Heights. Years later, I still feel bitterness toward Nell and her stupid quilt.)

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