The Hillywood Show musical parodies

Since I’ve spent the last few weeks (months?) re-reading old favorite books and a series of pretty amazing, incredibly long Star Wars alternate universe epic fanfics that I’ve got no idea how to review, I don’t have any new books to review here. But I do have a fun series of links to give, because if you don’t know about The Hillywood Show already you should be introduced to it pronto.

The Hillywood Show was created by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi and they make extremely elaborate video parodies of blockbuster films using famous songs.

At the moment, there are 20 parodies, and 20 behind-the-scenes videos (which are well worth watching).

While I absolutely recommend them all (there are three for Harry Potter, five for the Twilight series, two for Lord of the Rings, and bunch of others), the one I just found today that inspired this post is:

The Supernatural Parody
(using Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off)
along with the Behind the Scenes on making the video.

One I ran across some time back and only now realized that it was by the same group:

The Doctor Who Parody
(using Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Time Warp)
along with the Behind the Scenes on making the video.

These are really just brilliant. Go check them out either on their own website or on YouTube.

2 comments on “The Hillywood Show musical parodies

  1. Anna says:

    I tell you what, Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off is quite the earworm, and the new “Supernatural” lyrics (Angels gonna pray, pray, pray, pray, pray/Demons gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate) I think make it even more catchy!

    Also, if anyone out there hasn’t yet seen The Rock’s lipsync to Shake It Off, they need to click this right now:

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