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I’m currently reading a couple of Kinsey’s recommendations, so in the meantime, I thought I’d pass along a couple literature-related twitter feeds for recommendation:

Guy In Your MFA (@GuyInYourMFA)

Profile summary: “Two re-writes away from finishing the Great American Novel. Maybe about a 20-something in Brooklyn?”

Laugh at this guy, so that you don’t kill the actual guy in your MFA (or writing group).* Also, at, if you aren’t into Twitter. He has a buzzfeed quiz on how many books by white men have you read, and for the first time, I was proud to have read as few as I had.

The Worst Muse (@WorstMuse)

Profile summary: “No, seriously, go for it. It’ll be a bestseller.”

A long and hilarious list of what not to do in your writing.


*Or the guy just this morning holding up the line at Starbucks while he explained to the baristas that he is a Writer (emphasis his) and so really pays attention to people and conversations and cultural transitions, and used that as an excuse to inquire into all of their ethnic backgrounds in a really uncomfortable way.

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