Most Awesome Things I Saw On the Internet This Week

No book review today, although I’m working on a post about Tana French because I just finished her latest and thought it was amazing. But I did want to quickly share the two greatest things I’ve seen online this week.

First, another book review blog that has the BEST NAME EVER: Clear Eyes, Full Shelves. The best, right? (If you don’t get it, you need to go watch yourself some Friday Night Lights.) I am both mad that I did not think of this myself and admiring of them that they did. Plus, they cover YA and fantasy and have all sorts of good lists of books. And, they offer a recommendation service! You fill out a form saying what you’re looking for, and they will recommend your next book! Go check them out.
Second, I must have seen this in twelve places on the Internet today, but I need to do my part to make sure no one misses this genius cartoon. You’ll want to devote some time to this one–once you start clicking and dragging, it just goes on and on, and there seem to be endless wonderful things to find.

3 comments on “Most Awesome Things I Saw On the Internet This Week

  1. Anna says:

    Rebecca just sent me a link to that xkcd cartoon today, and I didn’t have a lot of time to spare, but in my very quick browse, I was so happy to see a “Hackers” reference: kids locked out on the roof of a building, “…there’s no pool?”

    • Kinsey says:

      Hee! My favorite was the teeny Jodie Foster hanging out next the dish, waiting for the aliens like in Contact.

      • Anna says:

        Oh, man, I saw that, but I didn’t get the reference because I’ve never actually seen Contact. Do you think every person is a movie reference? That kind of boggles my mind.

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