The Edible Book Festival

The Edible Book Festival
An Annual International Festival
April 1st

This is a collective review and an introduction to a whole genre of books that you may not be aware of. These books are not necessarily intended to be read, but rather to be eaten.

The annual Edible Book Festival is an international celebration that always falls on April 1st, i.e. April Fools’ Day. Each city holds its own competition for the most impressive, the most creative, the wittiest, or the puniest “edible books.”

These edible books range from simple puns with food names to elaborate craft creations by pastry chefs and book binders. Amateurs and professionals alike show off their creations and compete for various prizes. They range from hilarious to awe-inspiring.

Some entries are books made of edible material. I entered my local competition with a book made of crepes, and perfect bound with melted cinnamon chips.

Other entries are puns based on famous book titles. My second entry was “Grape Expectations,” created by a still life of a cluster of grapes, a bottle of dry sherry, and two wine glasses.

I didn’t win any of the prizes, because there were some pretty excellent other entries. Some of them were:
• Tart of Darkness
• War and a Piece of Cake
• A Separate Pea
• Pride and Pretzles
• The Grill with the Flagon of Pink Goo
• A Wrinkle in Lime

It was lots of fun. I mostly ate War and a Piece of Cake afterwards with a few grapes from Grape Expectations. It could be said that I devour books on a regular basis, but normally this is said metaphorically. Not today though.

When was the last time you ate a book?

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2 comments on “The Edible Book Festival

  1. Anna says:

    Sadly, I have never eaten a book. However, A Separate Pea made me laugh really hard, and since I actually enjoy peas quite a bit, I would enjoy it much more than A Separate Peace. The Grill with the Flagon of Pink Goo, in addition to being incredibly clever with sounds, seems like it is incorporating the recent “pink slime” scandal, so also quite topical! Love the photos of your entries, however!

    • Rebecca says:

      Sadly, I have never eaten a book

      Clearly, this is something that will have to be corrected. Next year, you’ll have to go to an Edible Book Festival yourself.

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