The Lady Julia Grey Novels

Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary,
and Silent on the Moor
by Deanna Raybourn

Silent on the Moor book coverI am currently halfway through the third book in this series of murder mysteries set in Victorian England, and it looks like there are at least three or four more books already published in the series. They were recommended by my friend Kinsey, and I’m really enjoying them; the books are well-written and the heroine is very likeable, which are pretty much the most important qualities for me.

In fact, for me, the heroine and the romantic hero reminded me of what Gail Carriger was trying to go for with her supernatural heroine and werewolf hero in her very poorly written Parasol Protectorate Series. A strong, independent woman raised solely by her father with unusual freedom in the Victorian Era and a detective with rough edges on the fringe of society. Only, Carriger’s are even less than one-dimensional, if that’s possible, while Raybourn’s are relatable and engaging. (I’m hoping to get a friend who enjoys Carriger’s books to write a review on them later.)

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