A Book About Design by Mark Gonyea

book about designA Book About Design: Complicated Doesn’t Make It Good
by Mark Gonyea



another book about designAnother Book About Design: Complicated Doesn’t Make It Bad
by Mark Gonyea



These are awesome! I love them both.

In theory, these are picture books about design, written and illustrated for young children. As such, they are about as long and have about as much text as you might expect from a picture book intended for to be read either by or to very young beginning readers.

In practice, they are design books that show some of the foundational concepts of design, and are a great introduction for adults as well. There is very little text, but it is all exactly on point and the illustrations do an excellent job of actually illustrating the concepts presented.

Plus, there’s a certain humor in the presentation of the concepts that I really enjoyed. I thought the books were useful, but I was also grinning the whole time I read them. I highly recommend them.