Heather Wells Mysteries

Heather Wells Mysteries
by Meg Cabot

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Like all of Meg Cabot’s books, these are delightful romps with crazy characters. The plot is, more or less, there to keep the characters focused and give the books a defined ending. I love her characters so much! And one of the many things that makes Cabot a great author is that she clearly loves her characters, too, every insane little bit of them.

I’m particularly pleased with these books, because unlike her 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series or her Mediator series, both of which I also loved, the Heather Wells mysteries have an adult protagonist. Most of Cabot’s books are set in high school and I am (very belatedly) aging out of the time when I can really empathize with the high school drama. But it’s wonderful to know that Cabot writes for adults as well, because there are times in life when I need to read something with her warm-hearted fake-it-till-you-make-it-even-when-it’s-really-very-fake-right-now approach to life. None of these characters have it all together, even though they’re adults, but that’s okay. They can still try and they can still succeed. And I will still laugh (mostly with them, but sometimes at them) as they do so.

The protagonist of this series, Heather Wells, is an ex-pop star who, in quick order before the first book begins, lost her recording contract, her pop-star fiance, and all of her money, as well as her mother/manager who ran off to the Bahamas with the money. There’s surprisingly few hard feelings about any of this, c’est la vie.  The books start with Heather renting a room from her ex-fiance’s brother (who’s a private detective) and getting a job as assistant dorm manager at a local college campus.

And then there’s a death in the dorm!

And the police think it was an accident!

And Heather Wells must solve it!

Not to spoil anything but (A) she solves the mysteries! and (B) by book number three the dorm has gotten the nickname “the death dorm” since people keep on dying in it and needing Heather Wells to solve their murders.

Anyway, these are wonderful, comfort books. I read these first three and am all happy and satisfied and ready to read something else for a while. But I’m also glad to know that there are two more books in the series waiting for me when I next feel the need for some Meg Cabot.

2 comments on “Heather Wells Mysteries

  1. Kinsey says:

    Oh, I loved these books! Also, I saw Meg Cabot speak at the National Book Festival years ago and it was like watching a motivational speaker. I was ready to give up my job and follow her around and do whatever she told me to.

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