Bible: illustrations

So it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m falling behind in my year schedule for reading the Bible. I will excuse it because a) this has proven to be a remarkably difficult year, and b) the Bible is really amazingly dense.

However, I just ran across some pretty awesome biblical artwork that I want to share:

Photographer James C. Lewis noticed that while the bible is set in the Middle East and Africa, most of the illustrations of the people involved look really northern European. So he decided to fix that:

What Would Characters From The Bible Really Look Like? Here’s One Photographer’s Idea (The Huffington Post article shows 10 of the photographs)

An antidote to lily-white Bible characters (The Church Times article shows 14 of the photographs)

A Tumblr post (shows 51 of the photographs)

I’ll also take this opportunity (despite not having gotten anywhere near the New Testament yet) to reflect back on a really gorgeous painting by Janet McKenzie, “Jesus of the People”, which won the 1999 National Catholic Reporter’s competition for a new image of Jesus, judged Sister Wendy Beckett.

2 comments on “Bible: illustrations

  1. Anna says:

    Those are beautiful! I have my doubts that everyone in the Bible was that gorgeous, but I certainly don’t mind looking at them.

    Also, here’s a couple of other Bible-related links I ran across and thought of you:

    Cracked: 4 Mind-Blowing Theories About Famous Lines in the Bible:

    Reddit: the stories of the Bible in TL;DR form:

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