Atlas Shrugged (in the news!)

Once again Atlas Shrugged has made the news – this has seriously been a very timely reading! An Idaho lawmaker has proposed a bill requiring every high school student in the state to read and pass a test on Atlas Shrugged before graduation.* I had a series of reactions:

  • Ugh, those poor students! Oh, man, those poor teachers!
  • You know what, this is totally going to bite him in the ass. I have never heard of a single person who’s favorite book turned out to be one they read as a requirement. There’s something about the simple fact of the requirement that takes away a lot of the inspiration from reading.
  • Considering the somewhat explicit and very uncomfortable sex scenes, the PTA would be howling! Actually, this specific lawmaker would probably be howling just as loudly about any other book that contained similar passages. (Although given the Republican Party’s recent comments on rape, perhaps they wouldn’t be all that bothered.)

*I linked to Fox Nation because I thought we should have a supporting view of it (though they actually seem pretty noncommittal), but you should also check out the “Pic of the Day” on the right  column, because it is super cute!


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